so, for all those who want to know:

I take off at 8:00 in the morning on Thursday March 12th from the airport in NYC, and I get in to Lima at 4:35pm, whereUPON I shall bike home from the airport with my huge backpack with this really nice dude named Ulises fromĀ couchsurfing.com.“Couch surfing” is a really interesting project that my trusty friend Hurwit told me about.

I’m still not ready for this trip, and I leave IN TWO DAYS. I guess I thought I was being real cool when I nonchalantly planned to be on another continent for three months, and now I’m coming to terms with what that MEANS! Sorry to my dad who is probably reading this and shaking his head at me right now.

I’m kind of pissed that I’ll be in the jungle for rainy season and I won’t be able to take insect repellent, which is poisonous to some of the animals I’ll be working with. I guess it will be a good experience.

I have nothing of substance to say! Sorry to all those who find themselves closer to death after reading this. I have just stolen some precious moments.

ps. to my family this blog is ~*aLl 4 u*~ because it’s the easiest way to keep you all in the loop!