hello everybody!

I´m closing up my time in Bolivia. how unfortunate! Bolivia is a GREAT place. I love it here. I head to Lima this weekend i think, and I might take a flight to Medellin if I can afford it. I want to go up to the north of Colombia as quickly as possible so I can get my diving license.

So what IS NEW with me? I got egged today because it is my birthday. That was cool, except I don´t have any soap or shampoo because they were stolen, so I have little elastic bits of egg white all over me. I guess one has  to be egged SOME time in their life, though. My ocelot is in heat again. She is very affectionate and temperamental. I awoke her from her hours-long nap in the sun the other day because I was flanked by mosquitoes on all sides, and she attacked! but it´s all good, because she´s pretty small and she only bruised me badly.

OH, by the way, ABC filmed a Nightline special at Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi while I was there. It will air sometime in the next couple of weeks; they´re trying to make the park seem like a tourist attraction for adrenalin junkies, which it is not. They might have me on tape singing a song to my cat, but I have no idea.

I CANT WAIT TO GO RELAX ON THE BEACH! I am exhausted from life in the jungle. Today I carried a huge bag of bricks for a mile through knee-deep mud and water, no hands free to kill all the mosquitoes that were gladly and selfishly sucking my blood! I am so pooped.

My brain is fried. I´m gonna have to fill this in at a later date, because I can´t think of anything interesting to say.

i love all of you,