Hello everyone. I arrived safely in Lima today earlier than expected. It is really humid, but not that hot. I spent the entire day biking around with a German woman who is in her seventh month of traveling the world and a man named Ulises who is from Lima. The digs are in an interesting* part of Lima but the company is good. Ulises´mom is really a lovely woman. I have been biking all day long in a men’s bathing suit with a mesh case inside where your balls go, which actually feels like knives on my buttcheeks  for all of these hours of biking! Ulises is currently carrying two switchblades that look pretty sharp just in case we run in to any trouble. Also, I haven´t eaten ALL DAY! I am HUNGRY! Plus I dont have any peruvian flores yet, so i´´m out of luck. i guess i´lleat tomorrow because it´s too much of a pain in the ass to figure out the logistics of eating

all right

i gotta go, i´m at an internet cafe

love to you