But first, a couple of things that I have yet to tell you.


-went to Parque Nacional Tayrona, which was beautiful. Secretly camped on a beach that happened to be infested by giant, 2-foot-wide crabs.

-saw a squid while scuba diving that changed its color and its pattern based on its surroundings- SO COOL


and after being lost in Barranquilla on foot for 4 hours, I finally found my way to the airport. Flew to Cali, then to Medellin, then to New York. Got here this morning at 6:30. I started smiling uncontrollably when NYC appeared below the clouds- we really live in the best place in the world. I’m psyched to be back in the States.





oh:  a very silly thing that was written about the park- http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/AmazingAnimals/story?id=7803259&page=1. The show goes on tonight, IMA GONA BE A STAR MAW! but really, this whole thing is ridiculous.