Hey poopheads of the world

I boarded the bus in the worst part of Lima, Peru two days ago, and arrived last night at 10:30 in Moyabambas, peru! Our bus encountered a variety of scary things, like mudslides, slippery edges of mountain cliffs, etc. I just had to realize that the driver of the bus wants to live just as much as I do in order to stop being afraid. It was beautiful! We drove through the andes for most of the trip, where the people live as their ancestors did a thousand years ago, except in western clothing. I have no time on the computer here in the internet cafe, so i’ll have to update you guys later! the juice here is delicious, and you can get a papaya banana milkshake straight from the tree for only 30 US cents. tomorrow i will have to walk for three hours to cross the raging river by means of a rickety old foot bridge. all the locals say it is too peligroso. i think not! We shall see. Dont worry, i wont die. send me all of your good thoughts, and ill send you mine!